Saturno 2: The Innovative Tool for Cultivating Gardens and Greenhouses

Saturno 2 is a Lithium Battery-Powered Multi-Functional Rotary Tiller and Cultivator that makes Cultivating
Gardens and Greenhouses safer and easier.

It is an easy-to-handle, versatile machine that is easy to use and is completely environmentally friendly. Its technical and safety features, electric motor power and “block” design offer excellent adaptability and great room for component development.

Exceptional ductility allows the Saturno 2 to perform a wide range of tasks and makes it suitable for use in the most varied situations. From greenhouses to the most impervious and hard soils, from farmhouses to nurseries, it is possible to work without gas emissions and with extremely low noise impact.

The Saturno 2 is available in 3 motor types: EASY (800W), PROFESSIONAL (1200 W) and TOP (1500W) and, additionally, it is designed by ROST, an innovative start-up company that designs and manufactures agricultural machinery.


Saturno 2: We know machines

Saturno 2: Motors

Saturno 2: Control panel

1. Emergency stop button. 2. External tool (backward/forward). 3. Rotary motor (backward/forward). 4. Rotary motor speed adjustment. 5. Traction motor speed adjustment. 6. Traction motor (backward/forward). 7. Joystick. 8. Main power. 9. Battery indicator. 10. Roll axis (left/right)

Saturno 2: Rotary movements

The Saturno 2 consists of two main blocks: the motor unit and the rotary unit.

The motor unit (which also houses the control panel) may be used to adjust the angle of the handlebars and position the handle in such a way as to provide greater ease when maneuvering and complete control of the machine when working.

In addition to usual “on-axis” operation, the rotary unit can assume an inclined working position with an angle variation ranging from -45° (A) to + 45° (B). The control panel may also be used to set clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

The Saturno 2 allows for 360° rotation of the rotary unit in each of the above configurations (C).

Saturno 2: The machine at work

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The Saturno 2 is a safe and versatile agricultural machine intended for use at farms, nurseries, and holioday farmhouses, by farmers or anyone with a desire achieve the best results when cultivating vegetable gardens and greenhouses.
Combining high-end technology with attention to the environment, the Saturno 2 ensures the utmost quality standards of crops by making it possible to cultivate with traditional methods without using industrial chemical agents.
It works similar to other rotary cultivators already on the market. It is simple and easy to use, and offers the ability to steer while working, vary working speeds and even to reverse the direction of travel, performing multiple operations without having to stop and attach specific accessories.
The machine’s extreme manageability makes it easy to use even by people who are not particularly strong (including female users), and its low noise and absence of exhaust fumes make it perfect for use inside greenhouses and at all hours of the day. What are its limits? Just your imagination…


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